DIY Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

4:00:00 AM

This DIY Christmas Tree is an alternative for a small space that is basically cheap and easy. It adds a rustic element to you space by bring the outdoors in.  

  •  Dried branches
  • Sisal Rope
  • Embellishments (pom poms, snowflakes shaped LED lights)
  • Stick Star
  • Double-sided Tape


 -Wash and thoroughly dry branches to remove any debris. 
- Lay them out and make a gradient size pattern, from smallest to large.
- Tie each branch to one another, going down, on each side. 
- Add embellishments.

NB// Add light weight embellishments so that you do not put much strain on the structure. 

- To hang to the wall, add double-sided tape to various parts of the back off the branches then hang it up.

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