Christmas Pet Safety Guides

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Securely anchor your tree, your pets are curious creatures remember that.

Avoid decorating the tree with tinsel, string, ribbons and chains where your pets can reach them. They tend to ingests things when you aren't monitoring them.

Keep edible, breakable and glass ornaments far from your pets reach. 

Keep your pets from drinking the tree's stand water but if you cannot do that make sure you do not use any toxic tree preservative products. 

Sweep up pine needles to prevent ingestion or your pet getting struck by them. 

Aviod giving your pets human food instead you can make healthy pet Christmas recipes.

Don't give your pets a surprise gift. 

Remember that must plants are poisonous like amaryllis, mistletoe, Lilies, holly and poinsettia, so make them far from your pets. 

Loud, sudden sounds can make your pets panic like balloons and champagne popping, poppers, fire works, etc. 

Small decorations that are easy to swallow should be kept away from pets. 

Remember chocolate is toxic to almost all pets so avoid giving them. 

If you are traveling with your pets make sure they have a seat beat to keep them safe. Car accidents increase during manger holidays like Christmas. 

Protect electric cords and flashing lights from pets so that they don't attack or chew on them. 

Remove all wrapping paper and plastics from the floors so that pets would play or chew on them. 

The most important guide is make sure you have information on a 24 hour vet here you, in case of any emergency!

Check out Basic Pet First Aid Kit

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