Easter Q&A

9:29:00 PM

1- What is your favorite Easter color scheme?

I love pastel colors.

2- Do you like Easter egg hunting?

Who wouldn't, it's free candy!

3- What is the best part of Easter time?

The fact that it is in spring time!

4- Favorite Easter Food

Chocolate bunnies and eggs

5- Do you do decorating for Easter?

Yes, it's like Alice in Wonderland

6- What is your main décor item for Easter?

The Bunnies and Eggs

7- Easter Wardrobe Essentials

Anything with light pastel colors and bunnies ears.

8- Where do you dream of visiting over Easter?

The Easter bunny's liar (laughin').

9- Best part of Easter

The chocolate

10- Favorite Easter film


11- What you dislike about Easter?

I can't seem to find where that bunny is hiding!

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