How to Plan an Easter Party?

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Spring time is one of the most beautiful and magical seasons of the year. It is where new life is all around with flowers blooming and trees budding out.


Before you can plan your party, figure out the date you want to have it, the time, location and the theme.

Knowing when you want the party will determine if your party will be formal or informal. Take into consideration your target age range to find an appropriate time.

Knowing where you want the party will give you an idea of your budget, if you need to book a venture or  get permission from someone. Keep in mind that spring time has unpredictable weather, so if you are planning an outdoor party, make sure your guest has easy access to indoors.

Knowing who you want at the party is next on your list. Ask yourself, "How many people I want to come?", "Will my party have family members and or or friends?", "Is this a kid friendly party and will kids be there?". Knowing these answers will give you an idea of how much space you will need and an idea of your budget.


For figuring out your budget, you must know how much you have to spend and what you need to make your party a success.


Your invitations don't have to be expensive. You can cut down on postage cost by using online invitation services.


Decorations are very essential to show your guest your Easter party theme. You can take advantage of flowers, each is cheaper in this season. Use flowers to decoration your table and Easter baskets, these are great for centerpieces and table décor. Helium-filled balloons, bunnies and pastel colors are great decorations.

Foods and Drinks

Majority of your budget will go towards food and drinks. The type of food and drinks you serve at your party will determine the type pf party it is, whether it is formal, informal or semi-formal or if it is a bunch, lunch or dinner party. If you have a tight budget, serve simple 5 ingredient or less food that packs a punch. Or you can ask your guest to bring food and drinks to your party.  

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