12 Uses of Coconut Oil

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1. Bruises

Applied to affected areas will speed up the healing process, reduces discoloration and swelling.

2. Diabetes

When coconut oil is consumed, it can help stabilize the sugar levels in the blood and help to better control cravings.

3. Eczema

When applied to affected areas will help reduce itching.

4. Energy

It can help boost your energy levels by stimulating your metabolism and help in the absorption nutrients and help in weight loss.

5. Hair Loss

Coconut oil can help regenerate hair cells when applied to affected hair.

6. Hair Treatment

Coconut oil can be used has a conditioner or deep conditioner. It is used for itchy dry scalp and it adds a shine to the hair.

7. Indigestion and Acid Reflux

When coconut oil is consumed after eating, it can reduced the effects of indigestion and acid flux.

8. Massage Oil

Coconut oil moisturizes and softens the skin plus the scent can be soothing.

9. Menstrual Cycle

When coconut oil is consumed it can relieve discomfort caused by menstrual pressure and cramps.

10. Reduces Oily Skin

It can reduce excessive oil when applied to affected areas.

11. Removing Makeup

It helps in the removal of makeup because it softens it so that it can be removed easily and gently, while it softens the skins.

12. Stress Reliever

To relief mental fatigue and headache, massage oil onto head in a circular motion to help relax.

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