Guest Post: 5 ways to learn to love your body

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Gabriella Diesendorf is a freelance writer from Australia and a devoted mother. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques, and if you mention attachment parenting or natural makeup she will bore you to death. She is a regular contributor to

We are so focused on wanting someone to love us that we totally forget the one person we need to love first and that is ourselves. We want to look perfect in any occasion and sometimes we can be too focused on things that make us imperfect that we have forgotten about our perfections. Love and self-esteem don’t only come from the outside - the inside is the most important ingredient.

Love thyself
One of the first steps of learning to love your body comes from loving yourself. You have to be self-aware, and to be aware of the people and things that surround you and how they affect your life. We sometimes tend to be harsh on ourselves and forget to focus on positive qualities that we have. You should focus on your strengths and abilities. Say nice things about yourself and simply give yourself compliments from time to time.
They are a very important part of your life, and you tend to focus on them very much even when they are doing you wrong. We love to give love and we love to be loved back. However, the biggest first step in a good and healthy relationship is that you have to love yourself, because when you do, the other person will love you even more. Always say how you feel, don’t hide your feelings or think that you are inferior to your partner. Try to treat yourself the way you treat someone you love. Spend time with a person that suits you best and do things together that will make you both happy.

Be positive

Don’t waste time on looking at pictures of skinny models and their perfect bodies and wishing that you are like them. Try to find pictures of you at your best, focus on yourself and not on other people. You have to let go of your negative thoughts and energy, and focus on something that makes you happy. If you haven’t achieved some goals that you were focused on, give yourself some more time and be persistent, or find other goals that can make your happier. Learn to forgive yourself and to move forward. Meditation is good for releasing anger, pain and negative thoughts.
Your body
Everybody is focused on their body and how to look perfect. Sometimes exercising and diets won’t help you very much, because you also have to be focused on your inner-self and two of those things will work great together. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your physical appearance you can start with a bit of exercises, but you have to be positive. You can go for a walk, do cardio, even go to a gym if you like and find a program which fits you best. Focus on the food that you eat, don’t pressure yourself with diets where you will be very hungry, eat something healthy and organic that will boost up your energy. Even small changes such as dying your hair, solving problems with acne or finally deciding to look for a good clinic in Sydney for laser hair removal can make you appreciate yourself more.

Do the things you love
Next to yourself and to people that surround you, you have to find and do activities that compliment you. You have to find the time for yourself and special things that you like to do. For example, if you are bored at home and finished with reading your favorite book, go outside and visit nature a bit. Nature is good for exercise, for your health, it relaxes you and it is great if you could go for a walk with your friend to make it more interesting. After walking, go for an ice-cream or just go to your local favorite bar with your friends and have a laugh. 

Positive thoughts are the most important things. It is not easy to be satisfied with yourself but with a little positive attitude and a plan, everything can work out great. If you don’t like your job, change it, there is always a place that can make you happier.

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