Building My Makeup Vanity: Inspiration

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Makeup is a way for both women and men to enhance their beauties and that you can't do without the perfect vanity that fits your style and personality.

1. The Mirror

For me, the perfect vanity must have one of the most important elements which is the mirror. I personally like a bit of vintage touch when it comes on to my mirror. The vintage mirror adds a whimsical, princess-like feel with its intricate design and classical aged metal color.

2. Table

I like when vanity tables have a clean modern feel, from the glossy white paint to the clean lines. I want my mirror and décor to be the center of attention and my table to compliment everything.

I love Ikea selections on vanity tables.

3. Storage

Storage is a major thing to consider when planning out how you want your vanity area. What's the point of having a chic vanity area and you have no where to put everything and knowing us ladies, we might have more than what we need. Although I don't have much makeup because I don't always wear it, but it seems like every year it is increasing. So when planning out your storage, make sure you have extra room for your newbies.

4. Organizers

I don't know how people live without organizers in their lives. They make everything look clean, organized and easy to find for little to nothing.

One of the things that you need is drawer organizers. Sure you might say that each draw is for something but come on. Imagine your friend wants to borrow your lip gloss and you said it's in the second draw. Next thing you know, your poor friend is overwhelmed by the cluster of lip moisturizers, lip gloss, lip sticks, lip stains and other lip products. Save yourself the embarrassment and do drawer organizers.

If you like minimal stuff on your table or lack the space, you opt for over head or lower shelves.  

5. Chair

When picking a chair, it's the time to add a pop of wild color, pattern and style. If you have a small room, opt for a ghost chair that will give the illusion of not taking up space. If you are more of a chic person, opt for something classy like a tufted back chair. Just make sure your chair goes with your theme and it is comfortable, after all you have to sit in it for hours and look at it everyday.

6.Area Rug (optional)

If you want to define your vanity area without having it being cut off from the rest of your room, the best option is an area rug. An area rug can add texture, color and a little bit of personality to your room without being too overwhelming.

For me, I like a comfy but chic area rugs and nothing says chic comfy like sheep skin rug.

7. Lighting (optional)

If you have poor lighting, your best option is to invest in a light fixture of some sort with nature light bulbs. You can go for the old Hollywood glam look or something low key but fancy.

8. Bin

Most people forget or never thought of having a bin near their vanity area but it is just as important as the mirror. You might not use it everyday but you never know when you really need it. Like one day you are sharping your eyeliner and instead of putting it on your vanity table you can just throw it in your bin. This will keep your area clean.

9. Décor

Now that you have got all the boring stuff out the way, you can go crazy with your décor. Add pictures on your walls or table, a faux fur on your chair, flowers, decorative trays or do a decorative layout of your makeup items you keep out.

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