Diaper Bag Essentials: 1 to 3 years

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Knowing that you are watching your little ones grow up into beautiful beings, you must pack extra stuff for them so that you will always be prepared. 

When going anywhere, you need the must basic of things to toll around with.

Essentials Needed:

1. Diapers and Under-wears: Have at least 4 of each, depending on how long you are planning to stay out you might need more.

2. Wipes: Wet baby wipes.

3. Changing Pad: If you are changing in a public changing area, you will need this (optional).

4. Baby Powder: To powder your baby's bum.

5. Sanitizing  and wet wipes: Both for sanitizing your toddlers hands and surfaces and to wipe their tush.

6. Lotion and hand sanitizer: For the mom/dad and the toddler.

7. Extra Outfits for the baby: Never know when your baby will have an "accident".

8. Sippy Cup: Both with water and a juice, drink formula or milk for when they get thirsty or hungry.

9. Burp-Rag and Rag: Just because you never used it before doesn't you should omit this. Toddlers can be unpredictable in their action.

10. Bottle of Water: Either for you to drink or in case of emergency where you have no water, you can use it.   

11. Pacifier: Great for a public silence time. Always bring at least 3 in-case one falls.

12. Healthy Snack For Toddlers: Bring at least 3 different snacks for your picky eaters such as fruits, nuts, sugar-free gums, dried fruits, healthy chips, etc.

13. Books and Crayons: this is not only to entertain your little ones but to start developing their minds. Pack at least 2 of their favorites. Also pack their favorite coloring book. 

14. Toys: this is for their entertainment, so bring along their favorite ones. Pack at least 2-3.

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